建筑东西第二场交流会 “iArchitect” 于10月11日在伦敦中国设计中心成功举办。

这次的主题 “iArchitect” 是一个与建筑实践者、学者或者学生都息息相关的话题。五位经验各异的建筑师通过演讲的方式与现场的朋友分享了他们在英国、中国大陆、台湾以及新加坡的实践经验。他们的故事诠释了建筑师在成长中的主动与被动以及多样的职业道路,从而影射了建筑师和建筑行业在不同地域文化中的共性与差异。

ACROSS Architecture held the second symposium ‘iArchitect’ at China Design Centre on 11th October 2014.

No matter you are a practitioner, a scholar or a student, this topic ‘iArchitect’ is closely interrelated to you.
Five experienced practitioners shared with us their precious experiences in the worldwide built environment, across the UK, mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. Diverse career routes, either chosen actively or passively, have be drawn out through individual stories; while different images of an architect and a intertwined built environment are unveiled through their collective experiences.

1. 陈毅强:现实和实现

多年在中国的建筑实践以及目前来到AA(英国建筑联盟学院)的学习, 使我有机会了解到不同的建筑实践环境,以及感受到建筑实践的现实环境对建筑师的个人实现产生的极大影响。通过比较,我试图寻找不同的环境制度对建筑师创作的影响,思考在不同的环境制度下建筑师的自我实现方式,并试图探索领先国内的理论和方法在中国推动实践的可能性。

Eric Yiqiang Chen: Reality and Realise

Immediate reality of a built environment is of significant importance of the realisation of an architect's ambition, as well as the process of pursuing an architectural career. A decade of experience in architectural practice in China gives me a comprehensive view of its built environment, which is, however, being challenged by my current study experience at the AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture). The possibility of bringing back to China advanced technology and theory in architectural field is thus what I am determined to pursue.

2. 翁熠:成为建筑实践者

从 AA(英国建筑联盟学院)五年的学习到毕业后两年截然不同的实践经验,过程中我体会最深的就是角色的转变:从“唯一”到“之一“;从学生时期“主宰一切的建筑师” 到作为团队一员与他人合作的建筑实践者。 实践工作中的分工是必须的, 并且建筑师只是整个生产链中的一个“环节”。通过在项目协调工作中所碰到的问题的反省,从而反思自己作为一名建筑实践者该具备的素质和态度。

Yvonne Yi Weng: i-Architect-To-Be

From studying at the AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture) to working in architectural practices, it has been a journey from being the“one”, like a traditional master taking care of every detail of a project, to being“one part”of a project team, coordinating and collaborating with others to achieve a common goal. In practice, division of labour is inevitable, and the role of an architect is just one among the many parts involved in a project. Further to my reflection on the issues experienced as a project coordinator, is also my reflection upon the quality and attitude that I shall have as an architect-to-be.

3. 李光远:从 “我” 到 “我们”


Guangyuan Li: From ‘I’ to ‘We’

The growing process of an architect is time consuming, just like the one of building construction. My presentation intends to delineate an image of my story with architecture by far: from the dream of showing my own design all over the world, to the experiment of ‘crazy’ projects at the AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture), then to an industrial design product: a reading chair, finally to being one part of Foster and Partners as an Associate. The story I shared is not only to resonate with my friends, but also for myself to hold firm and insist that architecture is a lifetime career, yet the creation is far beyond.



Yijun Huang: The Good, The Bad, and The Architect

Despite the political and economical context, developers and architects, the quarrelsome duo, should be also liable for the recent housing shortages across Britain. Architects may find their excuses as in practice their roles are conventionally limited by design contracts primarily set up to satisfy developers' expectations. However in modern avant-garde architectural schools, those architects-to-be are trained to look at the whole picture, commonly spend half of their time working on the developers' side. "Selfbuilder's Guide To The United Crowddom" depicted a new sublime of community urbanisation with the aid from community architects, suggesting an emerging horizon for architectural profession, at a glance of the paradoxical new playgrounds for architects.

5. 洪于翔:田中央 - 建筑学校


Sean Yu-Hsiang Hung: Field Office: Practice + Education

The conventional definition of architectural offices fails to explain what Field Office is. The office has seen that our diverse and even slightly contradictory roles - the designer, the user, the developer and the government - are overlapping through vertical and horizontal working processes over a decade. It also coincides with the way we are trained as architects in the office. The relations between projects and inspiration sources from intimate surroundings enable us to learn from daily life; and communication stimulated in this learning process across different constituencies is of great value for architects-to-be. In this way Field Office exemplifies a new definition of an architectural office hybridised with a training school deeply embedded in the local society.


伦敦交流会的现场插播了在北京和上海举办的 iArchitect 分会场的剪辑视频,以及30多位AA毕业生从伦敦、马德里、纽约、香港、北京、上海、杭州、宁波、深圳、成都发来的主题视频。我们节选了一些精彩片段与大家分享:







Far beyond a simple meeting for discussion, the second symposium is rather a distinguished gathering of diverse ideas from worldwide AA graduates via visiting symposiums and videos, which triggers an international deliberation.

ACROSS has received videos from more than 30 AA graduates from London, Madrid, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Chengdu. As part of the symposium ‘iArchitect’, Shanghai and Beijing witnessed the success of visiting symposiums respectively on 30th August and 13th September. A selection of highlighted debates from gathered videos was played at the home symposium in London.

活动策划 Curators:乔婧 Jing Qiao 程婧如 Jingru Cyan Cheng
视频编辑 Video Editor:黄胤俊 Yijun Huang
现场拍摄 Photographer:魏龙文 Longwen Wei
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