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ACROSS Architecture will hold the second symposium 'iArchitect' at China Design Centre on 11th October 2014.

Five experienced practitioners, either graduated from the AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture) or returned to academic field at the AA, will be here to share with us their precious experiences in the worldwide built environment, across the UK, mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. Diverse career routes, either chosen actively or passively, will be drawn out through individual stories; while different images of a intertwined built environment will be unveiled through their collective experiences.

Please come and join us to share your experiences and ideas.

建築東西将于2014年10月11日在伦敦中国设计中心举办第二场以 “iArchitect" 为主题的学术实践交流会。

这次的主题 “iArchitect” 是一个与建筑实践者、学者或者学生都息息相关的话题。五位经验丰富(各异)的建筑师将与我们分别分享他们在英国、中国大陆、台湾和新加坡的实践经验。他们中有的人是从AA走向实践,有的人是从实践来到AA。他们的故事诠释了建筑师在成长中的主动与被动以及多样的职业道路,从而影射了建筑行业在不同地域文化中的共性与差异。


演讲人·Guangyuan Li 李光远

2011 - Present Foster + Partners
2009 - 2010 AA Emtech

演讲人·Eric Yiqiang Chen 陈毅强

2013 – 2015 AA DRL
2003 – 2013 Xiamen Branch, Fujian Provincial Institute of Architectural Design and Research, China

演讲人·Yvonne Yi Weng 翁熠

2013 – Present TG Development / Thychuan Construction, Singapore
2012 – 2013 A_L_A (Amanda Levete Architects), UK
2006 – 2012 AA Diploma & AA Intermediate

演讲人·Yijun Huang 黄胤俊

2014 – Present P.U.N.C.H.
2010 – 2014 AA Diploma & AA Intermediate
2012 Adjaye Associates, UK
2011 MADA s.p.a.m. China

演讲人·Sean Yu-Hsiang Hung 洪于翔

2013 – 2015 AA Projective Cities
2009 – 2013 Fieldoffice Architects & Planners, Taiwan
2008 – 2009 Artech, Taiwan
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