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你农我农 -- 我们所不知道的农村 : 危机与转机 

Pressing Current Affairs:

Mainland China: At the end of 2013, The Third Plenary Session announced that use right of Rural Profit-Oriented Land can be transferred.” This implies that rural land market is freed to a certain extent. Many developers are already eyeing this opportunity. Where does the future of China’s vast countryside lie? Will it go through the crude process of urbanisation like many existing suburban areas?

Taiwan: Powered with WTO agreement, the Rural Rejuvenation Act, and Land Expropriation Act, Taiwanese government and enterprises have been championing economic development strongly. However, as the result of such development, the country is losing a significant amount of agriculture land, which in turn affects the food supply. What is your position given the current situation?




Keynote Speaker:

Dr Doreen Bernath (BA MA Cantab, PhD AA)
Dr Bernath is a theorist in architecture and visual culture. She teaches at the Leeds School of Architecture, the Architectural Association London and the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture.

Panel 1:

The Disappearance Risk of Poetic Rural Villages in China
Dr Yanhui Lei, PhD, University of Nottingham
类延辉 博士,诺丁汉大学

Once upon a time there was fertile soil: WTO and Fallow Land Policies in Taiwan
Ya-Wen Yang, PhD Candidate, SOAS, University of London
楊雅雯 在读博士,伦敦大学亚非学院

Panel 2:

Understanding before Designing-In the example of Ancestral temple from ‘White Deer Plain’
Zongjie Kou, M.Arch, University of Sheffield
寇宗捷 在读硕士,谢菲尔德大学建筑学

Sanxia – When Contemporary Cultural & Creative Industry Meet Indigenous Cultural Contexts
Yuan Liao, MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology, UCL
好山好水好三峽: 傳統民間產業、地方藝術文化,與當代文創產業之火花
廖苑辰 社会和文化人类学硕士,伦敦大学学院

Panel 3:

Whose nong-cun is it? – An anthropological reflection upon the return to the rural
Ximin Zhou, PhD Candidate, University of Manchester
周禧敏 人类学在读博士,曼彻斯特大学

Multifunctional Agriculture: a sustainable rural development model that may promote urban-to-rural migration
Chun-Yao Yang, DPhil Candidate, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford
楊鈞堯 哲学在读博士,牛津大学 肯尼迪风湿病学院

Panel 4:

Living and Design in the Countryside - My Story in Yunnan, China (Video)
Hong Yin,Founder,YZ Culture; Architect,1+A Design Studio
居于乡村, 设计于乡村 -- 我的乡建故事

Revisiting Peach Blossom Spring
Ran Xiao M.Phil, University of Cambridge
萧然 硕士,剑桥大学 建筑学

Strategies for innovative agricultural models in Taiwan: Cases of social enterprise in the agriculture sector
Han-Lin Wu, MA in Social Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths, University of London
吳涵琳 硕士,伦敦大学金史密斯学院

From the Courtyard House to the Farmhouse - The Suburbanisation in Taiwan Rural Area
Yu- Hsiang Hung, M.Phil in Architecture and Urban Design, AA School of Architecture
洪于翔 建筑与城市设计 哲学硕士,英国建筑联盟学院

Curatorial Team:

Jingru Cyan Cheng, PhD Candidate, AA School of Architecture
Jing Qiao, AA Diploma, AA School of Architecture

Sinead HY Chen, PhD Candidate, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
Dr. Ya-Yu Chiang, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Biochemical Engineering,UCL


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蔣雅郁 - 伦敦讲台

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