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An interdisciplinary symposium organised by ACROSS Architecture and London Confucius Institute

建築東西联合伦敦大学 亚非学院 孔子学院
2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 27th Feb. 2016
Djam Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London, London; WC1H 0XG

The interrelationship between Family, Home, House depicts a backdrop for life and sets the stage for the everyday. Home, in its elementary meaning, is a dwelling-place where a family lives. It may refer to a house, a flat, or more broadly, a village, a town, a city and a country. To dwell is a primary act of human being and it plays a predominant role in assembling the social nexus. Thus, dwelling has not only been formed by, but is productive of both spatial and cultural formations.

This symposium is to bring academics and practitioners in the field of architecture into conversations with scholars and students from the leading institution for social and cultural studies. It seeks to measure the extent to which space, politics and culture have shaped the form of life.


2:00 pm Video ‘Back Home’
Faan Nguk Kei, A Non-Profit Organisation devoted to building preservation in China

2:15 pm Introduction
Lik Suen, Deputy Director, London Confucius Institute, SOAS, Univeristy of London
Jingru Cyan Cheng, Co-founder, ACROSS Architecture

2:20 pm Make A House Home: Typomorphology and Sense of Place
Dr.Fei Chen, Senior Lecturer, Internationalisation Lead, University of Liverpool

2:40pm Home: Space and People
Kam Fai Tai, Chief Architect, Global Director, SURE Architecture

3:00 pm Tropicality: Exposing Shifting Socio-Economic Structures and the Material Organisation and Typological Composition of the Tropical Urban DomesticSpace
Maria Paez Gonzalez, Director Tropicality AAVS; Associate, Foster + Partners
Brendon Carlin, Unit Master, Architectural Association; Director, Urban System

3:20 pm Round Table Discussion (Chair Jingru Cyan Cheng and Jing Qiao)

4:00 pm ACROSS
Jing Qiao, Co-founder, ACROSS Architecture


Dr. Fei Chen is a senior lecturer atthe University of Liverpool. She was trained as an architect and urban designerat the University of Bath and Southeast University, China. She received her PhD on Chinese urbanism from the University of Strathclyde. Chen was previously aresearcher working on the AHRC funded project ‘Sensory Urbanism’ in Strathclydeand is the co-founder and convenor of the ‘Urban Morphology and RepresentationResearch Network’ under IAPS.

Brendon Carlin is a unit master at the Architectural Associationand director at Urban Systems. Brendon has practiced and taught extensively atprominent institutions worldwide including several AA Visiting School Programmes. Through research, mentoring and practice, Brendon develops generative form and space making design processes focused oninventing extraordinary architectures to perpetrate political andperceptive transgressions.

Maria Paez Gonzalez is apracticing architect, currently working with Foster + Partners as a leading member in the design and construction of Apple Campus, the new Apple headquarters. She has tutored workshops in the Architectural Association and Veritas University and collaborates with Relational Urbanism in several research based projects. She is also the founding member of Fundacion HCGB which aims to preserve the architectural heritage of Coro, Venezuela a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.

Kam Fai Tai is the global director at SURE Architecture. After completing a B.Arch. at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, Tai obtained both Dip. Arch and M. Arch degrees at the University of Sheffield in the U.K.He has worked on many types of projects in various locations. The East and Westeducation and working experience gave him the thought of globalisation and localisation.

Faan Nguk Kei is a non-profit organisation founded by architectural teachers and students from South China university of Technology and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and local practitioners in Guangzhou, China. Faan Nguk Kei aims to unite the architectural professionals, house owners, local communitiesand local government to pursue alternative possibilities in the non-governmental heritage preservation during the process of China’s rapid urbanisation.

This event is curated by
Jing Qiao, Architect, Hawkins/Brown Architects
Jingru Cyan Cheng, PhD Candidate, AA; Director, AA Wuhan Visiting School

Poster by
Yufei He, B.Sc., Vienna University of Technology
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